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Sustainable solutions company with a foldable water bottle brand aiming to improve water drinking habits while reducing disposable plastic.


Branding, Packaging


Zeynep & Alihan Aker



SuCo foldable water bottle

Logo Concept

For the branding we created for SuCo., we decided to connect the letters of the first syllable of the name ‘su’, meaning ‘water’ in Turkish, and told a story within those letters. In the logo, the letter ‘s’ is curved and tipped towards the letter ‘u’, just like water pouring from a height. Integrated with the abbreviation for company, ‘co.’, the logo we envisioned was completed to perfection. 



The initial form of the packaging was a box that enveloped the foldable water bottle, topped with a fitted lid. The idea behind it was to emphasize how the water bottle could get compact enough to fit into a tiny box. Color coding the boxing for its contents also made so much sense since they could be found easily in a neatly stacked pile. To further the brand narrative and mission, we used recyclable materials on all steps.

Screenshot 2023-09-13 at 19.59.32.png

With more feedback from its users and more experience of the product on the brand’s side, it was understood that people wanted to feel the product, which led us to reimagine the packaging. Ultimately, we decided on a hanging sleeve where the product is out in the open for people to get the feel of its material. Utilizing the see-through material of the water bottle, we incorporated the brand motto with a bold typography on the sleeve.

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